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Re: Screwed-up M$-Exchange > openldap

Jimi and my other recent but nevertheless most dear friends,

Though the scripting will solve my most acute problem, accessing all of the 
exchange records would be very convenient, so I'll most certainly listen to 
what you have to say.

We're talking a W2K Adv Server w. all recent updates (as of yesterday) running 
Exchange 2K SP3. The two accounts should have atleast "user" rights, but if 
there is any authentication going on beyond DC level, I don't know. The 
Exchange and PDC boxes, I both have Admin rights to (imagine that every 
employee, for years, have beein using the domain Admin username and pass for 
day-to-day work ...) 

The PDC is 2K Server, about to fall apart from Mi$management. (Btw, can you 
imagine it bluescreened me, unprovoked, just last week! Soon, very soon, the 
PDC will be samba.) The GPO:s are a hopeless mess, and I've shunned it like 
the plague. No-one's managed it in years and making sense of it is like 
looking for a jelly snake in a barrelful of worms -- using your mouth.

If there is a way simply to crudely extract the exchange data from the proper 
files on the local hdd that would surely be an option. (Nothing really used 
beyond mailbox and address book.) If you know (ok, leaving the pure ldap 
topic behind once and for all) which directories to back up to preserve the 
mailboxes, in case of a major mishap, that could be some useful information 
to pitch in.

These caveats aside, I'll listen to any hacking tips.

Ok, I've stretched y'all's patience enough for one time.


On Tuesday 17 June 2003 18.46, you wrote:
> Anders,
> Dumping to a CVS and writing something in PERL to parse the CVS file and
> make it into and LDIF which you can then load is one possibility.  The
> other is hacking your Exchange server.  Do any of the accounts that can log
> on to the actual Exchange box have at least "User" rights?    What version
> of Exchange and Windows are you running on that server?  What version of
> Windows in your DC?  Have you checked your GPO's on your Domain controller?
> There's a lot you can do try to gain control of the box that shouldn't
> cause any damage.
> Thanks,
> Ms. Jimi Thompson, CISSP
> Manager, Web Operations
> Cox School of Business
> Southern Methodist University
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> things." - Plato