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Re: Screwed-up M$-Exchange > openLDAP

> Hi y'all, here's a tough nut (I hope, or I'll feel stupid)
> I can't make ldapsearch run and leech the exchange server. 
> Tried, failed. The clients use solely port 135 for their transactions, if it 
> rings a bell.

port 135 is NETBIOS (http://www.webopedia.com/TERM/N/NetBIOS.html)

> That's the background: my only point of access are through these users' 
> outlook clients, through which I can export the databases to a few limited 
> options. Now I'm looking either to translate a dBase (.dbf) .pst, .CSV or 
> similar file to ldif and I'm feeling screwed.
> A hint (hint? I mean script ;-) as to how to approach this would be most 
> appreciated.

If you can extract data from Exchange into .CSV it's very easy to make a
LDIF-file from the .CSV-file. You can either use tools like
http://www.oss.billiton.de/software.shtml or it's just as quick writing
a small python- or perl-script.

Try searching google.com and freshmeat.net for more tools. As long as
you have a text-file with a field-separator - it's ususually no big


Bjørn Ove Grøtan
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