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Screwed-up M$-Exchange > openLDAP

Hi y'all, here's a tough nut (I hope, or I'll feel stupid)

Just came to a company that's been horribly mismanaged (computerwise) for
years on end, part of which being (brace yourselves) servers being bought
from belly-up companies and just put in the server rack as is.

Such was the case with the M$ Exchange machine that's solely doing address
book services (chiefly anyways, the other stuff's for another day.)

Here comes: the local access rights to the Exchange server are configured
(it appears) to allow some other machine than localhost to adminitrate it,
and these are old settings from the old company years ago ... hence I
can't access ANY administration utils. Two users have, through a separate
Active Dir PDC it looks like, been able to tap into the address book, by
means known only to a guy (who also bought and installed everything) who
left years ago on hostile terms and won't help.

I can't make ldapsearch run and leech the exchange server.
Tried, failed. The clients use solely port 135 for their transactions, if it
rings a bell.

That's the background: my only point of access are through these users'
outlook clients, through which I can export the databases to a few limited
options. Now I'm looking either to translate a dBase (.dbf) .pst, .CSV or
similar file to ldif and I'm feeling screwed.

A hint (hint? I mean script ;-) as to how to approach this would be most


Anders Litzell