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Re: How check result is still valid


I don't know the exact answer to your question, but it seems to me that you 
might want to assign new uid numbers based on the php 'uniqid' function.

It beats the hell out of caching all uid numbers ;-)


> Hi
> I have a small problem, with ldap and php and hope someone can help me.
> For performance-reasons I want to cache ldap search results.
> Is there any way openldap can inform me a search result is invalid?
> Example:
> I want to write a php-application to manage users stored in ldap.
> If a new user is created I'll check all assigned UIDNumber to get
> a free UIDNumber.
> I want to cache all UIDNumbers but how can I check somebody
> has changed anything without doing a new search?
> Regards, Tilo