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RE: Newbie - OpenLDAP won't start

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> First, any suggestion that something was simply "hosed" can
> be thrown out
> by the fact that "make test" worked, so BDB and OpenLDAP have
> already been
> proven to work together on this system.

This only proves that BDB and OpenLDAP work together for the user that
executed "make test."

> So, I went back to the source included tests and checked them
> again.  I
> found some things that required changing in my slapd.conf
> file, but they
> didn't seem to make a difference.  The only difference I am
> so far able to
> really verify is that slapd won't run unless it is run by a user other
> than "root".  So, I am now able to get my slapd running - I still have
> some work to do on figuring out which "schema" files I need.
> Is there some restriction about "root" running OpenLDAP?


> Perhaps it's specific to Berkeley DB?

Perhaps so. Have you considered the possibility that you have multiple BDB
instances installed, and the copy that's in root's environment is broken? Or
maybe your BDB was just built incorrectly. (What might be wrong with it, I
haven't a clue.)

> Finally - what do others do.  Do most folks
> create an "ldap" user to deal with running the slapd program?

This is a common approach, but not because running under "root" doesn't

Your environment *is* hosed, you just haven't looked in the right place yet.
Discovering that the behavior for root is different than for other users is a
good start, but is not the answer in itself. Find out what else is different
about root's environment.

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