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Q: search filter to determine if a uid is in a group?

I have a simple schema with two groups and some users:

             cn=web_users            (a posixGroup)
             cn=ftp_users              (a posixGroup)
             uid=emerth                 (a posixAccount)
             uid=...                        (more posixAccounts)

I would like to write a search filter for pureFTPd and one for mod_ldap (apache) that
can tell if (1) a user has a posixAccount, and (2) if that user is a member of one of the

I cannot find or derive syntax for a compound filter that, given a uid - say 'emerth', will
return a non-empty result when 'emerth' exists as a posixAcount and is also a member of
a specified group.

I have been trying to turn these two filters into a compound filter with no success:


Is there a different way to determine if a name is in a posixGroup than this kind of

Could anyone help or point me at a good tutorial on writing filters and/or search



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