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Creating indexes for first time

I have been running OpenLdap 2.0.11 for quite some time now.  We have
3500 users and 0 problems.  Now, we are starting to create web pages
which query the LDAP server to show users with x & y attributes, etc...
so i want to create indexes.  Right now only default objectclass index
is on.  My database type is ldbm.

I think I remember that for creating indexes firt time I had to do
somethign special, or maybe it was just for recreating indexes, I can't
be sure, I just want to double check.  Any tips welcome.  I will create:

index cn,sn,customattrib1,customattrib2 eq,sub 

The 2 custom attribs are string types.


Fernando Medina, Jr.
Grupo Financiero Uno

Fingerprint: 2F76 7CC6 8B5B C95A ED8A  0B1A 1A0A 3650 AF1E 35CB