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Re: Naive question


"Hariharan Gopalan" <hari@sapta.com> writes:

> I am looking to openldap to provide contact database for my organization.
> What I am hoping is that the members would be able to maintain their own
> contact information upto date, without anyone having to maintain this
> manually. Am I looking at record level access control for this? Am just
> trying it out, and struggling with it, so thought it better to get this
> cleared before I put in more time!

Frankly, that depends on your members clients. If you use webbased
ldap-abbook or rolodap your members could handle a private
addressbook. With outlook as client, you should look for Kolab. Kolab
provides an exchange server replacement, based on OpenLDAP,
cyrus-sasl, cyrus-imap and postfix.



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