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Re: correct structural object class for ou=People

charlie derr writes:

> ou=People went in just fine (as follows):
> dn: ou=People, dc=my,dc=domain
> ou: People
> objectClass: top
> objectClass: organizationalUnit

So the contents of that entry is not relevant.

> However when i try to add an entry below this one i still get the
> error.

Which object class you should use for the person entries depends on what
you put in them and what they are used for.  So it would be better to
show us one of these entries if you want good suggestions.

That said, since you call them people I guess you want the objectclass
'person' or a subclass of it.  Maybe organizationalPerson or
residentialPerson (see etc/openldap/schema/core.schema), inetOrgPerson
(inetorgperson.schema) or pilotPerson (cosine.schema).

Or if you have user account info under ou=People, despite the name,
you'll probably want 'account' (cosine.schema).  And maybe add the
auxiliary class 'posixAccount' (nis.schema).