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Newbie - Need help and explanations


As I mentionned in the title of this email, I'm a complete newbie to OpenLDAP therefore I need some help to configure my server.
For the moment, I just want to install such a LDAP server in order to have a centralized address book and management system for the mail accounts of my users.

- about 1000 email accounts
- postfix mailserver running on RH 8.00

Is there a way to automate the account creation to our LDAP directory with the email creation using postfix ?
How can I populate my LDAP directory using the passwd file of my postfix server and the alias file ?

I just wanted to install OpenLDAP with the minimum configuration requirement, and use a GUI tools in order to create/populate my directory. I wanted to try Directory Administrator or LDAP Editor/Browser, but I can't use Directory Administrator as I don't know what is my DN (Search base, the part of the directory tree ) and connection DN (user name) & password to the DN.

example of slapd.conf :

database ldbm
suffix "o=stooges"
suffix "dc=ldap, dc=stooges, dc=org"
rootdn "cn=StoogeAdmin, o=stooges"
rootpw secret1
directory /var/lib/ldap/stooges
defaultaccess read
schemacheck on
lastmod on
index   cn,sn,st        pres,eq,sub

what is the dn in such a case
what is the dn user name

Is the rootpw secret1 line specify that the password is stored in the ldbm database ?
If I'm using slappasswd to generate a new password should I replace this line by a new line such as
rootpw {SSHA}68UKkxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
and that this means that the rootpw is the passwd to StoogeAdmin ?

Any help will be greatly appreciated !


Stéphane Cesbron
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