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slapadd, 1 million entryes, with indexes, about 3h now :)

Ok, playing with the DB cache attribute I got this loading time down to
3h. A few weeks ago, completely clueless about DB, this same loading
time was 32h.

set_cachesize	slapadd time (with indexes)	Obs
1M		1937min				Two scsi HDs
200M		478min				1 HD only
800M		194min				1 HD only

(the other variables I left unchanged from my previous runs). One
of the hard disks broke, so at the end I only had one to play with
(that means, DB transaction logs and the database itself were on the
same disk).

During these few weeks, other parameters were learned and tuned. I put
a small history at https://moin.conectiva.com.br/openldap for those