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Personal address book using LDAP?


I have been struggling to create a personal address book using LDAP. The goal is to be able to centralize my address book in a single place where i can access it from anywhere with e.g. Mozilla. In this way I don't really have to do synchronization anymore. (Synchronization is evil :-).

I have been able to get OpenLDAP up an running on a Redhat 8 box. I also have an existing list of personal addresses in ldif exported from Outlook or Mozilla.

What I have *not* been able to do is to import the addresses into LDAP.

It looks like the Mozilla and Outlook exported ldif files refer to an object class called mozillaAbPersonObsolete that I was not able to find anywhere, but that seems to be necessary to model fields such as "mozillaHomeLocalityName".

I am not closed to making a "manual translation" of these fields, but I have not been able to figure out what should I translate them into. The thing that puzzles me is that Mozilla is all geared to connect to an LDAP server to get addreses, so there should be a standard schema I could use. Or not?

All help is welcome, particularly if anyone has been able to do what I am trying to do.