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RE: Problems using HDB...

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> From: Chris van der Merwe [mailto:chris@arnes.si]

> Wow! Thanks Howard, well it would be cool if there could be
> some kinda
> way of telling from the debug which version is running :-)

You can always try doing a subtree rename. If it's back-hdb, it will work.
If it's back-bdb, you will get an error message.

> From the
> testing I did with the LDAP server (from a Radius client) it
> was clear
> that performance had improved - but I wasn't sure if was an
> improvement
> in the code from the stable version or whether it was the new backend.

Probably some of both. The rewritten cache code made a lot of operations more
efficient, and that code is common to both. The back-hdb dn2id layout is
also more efficient for updates.
> Well hopefully when the code hits the stable shelves we'll see some
> indications in the debug as to what's running.

There's some question about the ultimate fate of back-bdb and back-hdb.
Eventually I'd like to see back-bdb replaced by back-hdb. As such, the
question will be moot. So far back-hdb has been faster on all my tests,
but I haven't seen its performance in a really large database under
heavy load.

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