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Re: Problems using HDB...

Wow! Thanks Howard, well it would be cool if there could be some kinda way of telling from the debug which version is running :-) From the testing I did with the LDAP server (from a Radius client) it was clear that performance had improved - but I wasn't sure if was an improvement in the code from the stable version or whether it was the new backend.

Well hopefully when the code hits the stable shelves we'll see some indications in the debug as to what's running.


Howard Chu wrote:

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I've been using the HEAD  code from CVS so that I can try out the HDB
backend for OpenLDAP, but I have been having some problems
getting it to

When I compiled OpenLDAP I enabled hdb via configure i.e.
./configure  --enable-hdb

However if I start the slapd daemon it automatically uses the old BDB
backend i.e.

Does anybody have any ideas what could be wrong?

Probably nothing. The log messages can be deceptive because back-hdb is mostly identical to back-bdb, and only a small number of functions are changed. Few (if any) of the log messages are changed to reflect it.

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