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Re: Does Active Directory Service support SSL?

Yes it does support SSL, but this is not the forum to discuss it. This
forum is for questions regarding the OpenLDAP software.

There are instructions available from Microsoft on how to configure SSL
for Active Directory.

Good luck!

> Hi:
> 	From the material I read it seems the SSL port for ADS is 636 however
> 	in my win2000 server actually it doesn't open up this port at all. It
> 	even can't be telnet'ed. Here I tried to use ldapssl_client_init() and
> 	ldapssl_init(hostname, port_no, 1) to establish the SSL channel with
> 	ADS but however regardless the port_no I put in is 389 or 636 it
> 	didn't work at all. Did I miss something here?
> Thx a lot.
> Kent