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Re: openldap+syslog question

Brian Jones wrote:

It might help others to know what that line was. :)

Considering that OpenLDAP reports to LOCAL_4, adding a line like this:

local4.*    /var/log/ldap

should work fine. Of course, I think you have to restart syslog and/or slapd
for the change to take affect.

On 5/9/03 11:59 AM, "Kelly Sauke" <ksauke@fastenal.com> wrote:

Quanah Gibson-Mount wrote:


Logging to syslog works just fine for me.  In slapd.conf I simply set:
"loglevel 256"


Another poster directed me towards adding a to my syslog.conf.  After I
added it, the logging worked just fine.  I'll play with the loglevel as
you stated
to get the needed info.  Thanks everyone.

The line added to syslog.conf was:

local4.debug /var/log/openldap.log


I just want to add that you can also launch slapd with the " -l " option to specify an other syslog-local-user.
This is very useful for testing purpose (an instance on another port with the same slapd.conf) :

slapd -h ldap:// -l LOCAL5

and the syslog.conf

local5.*   -/var/log/slapd_test.log