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RE: "ldapsearch uid=ab*" works "ldapsearch cn=a*" doesn't in 2.1.19

I know that if you need to search by wild cards you've to insert at least
2 chars, so uid=a* doesn't work and uid=ab* does. With only 1 char the index
can't work properly.

Sergio Paternoster


I've just recently upgraded from 2.1.17 to 2.1.19 and I'm now having
doing a one character plus wildcard search in 2.1.19.. ie.

with two characters (or more) with the wildcard the search returns some
data ...

solarisbox:~ #  ldapsearch -LLLb o=unix uid=ab* dn
dn: cn=ab0001,ou=people,o=unix

dn: cn=ab0002,ou=people,o=unix

dn: cn=ab0003,ou=people,o=unix

dn: cn=ab0004,ou=people,o=unix

dn: cn=ab0005,ou=people,o=unix

dn: cn=ab0006,ou=people,o=unix


but with one character only and the wildcard, the search doesn't return
any data

solarisbox:~ #  ldapsearch -LLLb o=unix uid=a* dn

yet this previously worked in 2.1.17 on Solaris9 with Berkeley DB 4.1.25

here's slapd.conf - have i done something wrong?

threads                 128
allow                   bind_v2
defaultsearchbase       "o=detir"
idletimeout             600
timelimit               60
sizelimit               unlimited

database        bdb
suffix          "o=unix"
rootdn          "cn=root,o=unix"
rootpw          secret
directory       /var/openldap/data

index           cn,sn,uid       pres,eq,approx,sub
index           uidnumber       pres,eq
index           gidnumber       pres,eq
index           objectClass     eq

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