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Re: Duplicate Attributes

On Wed, 7 May 2003 gshumway@cityextreme.com wrote:

> dn: cn=ted,dc=home,dc=com
> uid: ted
> cisco-avpair: blablabla1
> cisco-avpair: blablabla2
> cisco-avpair: blablabla3
> This seems to work just fine but i'm having difficulties
> writing an interface to modify an individual attribute. Say
> blablabla2 for example.

Providing that they are not marked as SINGLE-VALUE, it's OK, but you
still have to update all of them at once.

That is, if you change "cisco-avpair: blablabla2" to "blablabla2abc",
you will lose the others.

And I'm a little worried by the "cisco" reference; if you're using this
to store Cisco ACLs, there is *no* ordering implied.

Oh, and you need "cn: ted" to make that a proper entry.

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