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Re: Ldap.conf not working


"Robert Fitzpatrick" <robert@webtent.com> writes:

> This is on RedHat Linux 7.3 trying to querying a Windows 2000 Active
> Directory LDAP server.
> I have a problem getting ldap.conf to work. When I do an ldapsearch from
> the command line with all the parameters, it works like this:
>  ldapsearch -h <x.x.x.x> -b "cn=users,dc=<domain>" -D
> "cn=<username>,cn=users,dc=<domain>" -W "(cn=test*)" mail
> Using the above, it prompts for the password and I get the email
> addresses for two test users, no problem. However, when I setup the
> ldap.conf file to use this host, base, binddn and bindpw - it does not
> work, like this:
>  # My ldap.conf file
>  host <x.x.x.x>
>  base dc=<domain>
>  binddn cn=<username>,cn=users,dc=<domain>
>  bindpw <password>
>  ssl no (this is there by default)
>  pam_password md5 (this is there by default)

You are using /etc/ldap.conf from PAM not /etc/openldap/ldap.conf from
the OpenLDAP package.

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