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Splitting data for replication


I have a ldap database I'd like to replicate to different slaves. Data is organized as follows:

| | |
ou=domain1 ou=domain2 ou=domain3

Replication would be made at domains level, replicating domain1data to one server, domain2 to another one and so on. I know I can't have all the data in the same database so I need to chop the data out into different databases.

Here is my questions: what is the better way to distribute the data among different databases but keep a "virtual" view of the whole tree for clients? I mean I don't want the clients to send three or four queries in order to search for a user. I'd like to make organization transparent to clients.

Another requirement is (I guess that's not too complex) I need to maintain some domains data out of the main server so for example, I'd need to maintain domain3 data in a different server and replicate it to the main server.

Any idea, suggestion or advice?

Thanks in advance
Jorge Ortiz