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Re: Error code 17 when adding through JNDI

At 10:32 AM 4/23/2003, Lon Tierney wrote:
>> the DN for the alias is:
>> alias=tuser,ou=employees,ou=Sales,ou=xyzOrg,dc=cotelligent,dc=com
>>From your schema below, it appears that "alias" is not an attribute you
>can use in your DN, so the DN above is invalid.
>> My core.schema is included in slapd.conf, and the definition for alias
>> is:
>> objectclass ( NAME 'alias' SUP top STRUCTURAL
>>            MUST aliasedObjectName )
>>From this schema snippet it appears that you will need to have
>"aliasedObjectName" as part of the DN, as there appears to not be anything
>else there to use as a DN. This will make an ugly DN, but it would look
>something like (from your example):

Alias objects should not be named using values of the aliasObjectName
attribute.  Instead, they should be named by a value of an attribute
commonly used for naming such as CN or UID.  To allow the naming
attribute to appear in the alias object, the object should belong to
extensibleObject or otherwise extended.

For example,
        dn: cn=Joe,dc=example,dc=com
        objectClass: alias
        objectClass: extensibleObject
        aliasObjectName: uid=joe,dc=example,com
        cn: Joe