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Re: Multiple homeDirectory and loginShell attributes

Celso G. Lima wrote:

I am setting up an ldap server that will provide authentication for 5 other
servers. Is there any way that I can assign different shells and  home
directories on each one of these different servers for the users that will
be authenticated? In other words, can I specify more than one homeDirectory
and loginShell and associate them with each one of the servers



Personnaly I created a new homedir attribute for departemental NFS server. Users have a central account on central server with:
homeDirectory: /home/loginname

their ldap entry has also a :

homeDirectoryDept01: /homedept/loginname
on stations relying on this particular departemental NFS server, /etc/ldap.conf maps that personnal attribute to the standard one:
nss_map_attribute homeDirectory homeDirectoryDept01

addons to my personal schema:

attributetype ( NAME 'homeDirectoryDept01'
       DESC 'The absolute path to the home directory in a departement: X'
       EQUALITY caseExactIA5Match