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OpenLDAP, Solaris, automount

Does anyone out there have Solaris 8 automounter working with OpenLDAP?  I
have spent a huge amount of time trying to get it to work.  Culled the net
for information and read everything I could find without success.

I have tried the native Solaris 8 LDAP client (including the recent update).
The OpenLDAP libraries.  Every configuration I could find.  I edited the
schema to change all the letters of nismapname and nismapentry to lower case
as several archived postings suggested.  The instructions in the FAQ are
somewhat cryptic and I tried everything except hacking the startup script in
/etc/init.d (my next task).

Linux automounter works fine, though those hosts are using different maps,
ou=auto.master as opposed to nismapname=auto_master.  By watching the debug
log I found that the

I am really losing hope that this is even possible.  If you have it working
can you please let me know that it can be done?

Here is what I think is the critical error in the debug logs on the server.
When I start /etc/init.d/autofs I see it descend in the directory to the
second object.  However, it does not pull the nismapname to direct it to the
auto_home object.  I've tried a number of syntactical variations on the
entries below, but this seems to conform to what most people have provided
on lists.

LDIF of the auto_master maps.

dn: nismapname=auto_master,LDAP_ROOT
nismapname: auto_master
objectClass: top
objectClass: nisMap

dn: cn=/export/users, nismapname=auto_master, LDAP_ROOT
nismapname: auto_home
objectClass: top
objectClass: nisObject
nismapentry: ldap:, LDAP_ROOT
cn: /export/users

 Debug log:

=> access_allowed: search access to
"cn=/export/users,nismapname=auto_master, LDAP_ROOT" "nismapname" requested
<= root access granted
<= test_filter 5
<= test_filter_and 5
<= test_filter 5
bdb_search: 106 does not match filter

HELP! Please....

Chris Whalen
Children's  Hospital Research Foundation