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Re: 2.1.17 performance issues

--On Tuesday, April 15, 2003 1:51 PM -0700 Lon Tierney <ltierney@mykungfuisthebest.net> wrote:

OS: Solaris 8
LDAP: 2.1.17
DB: Berkeley 4.1.25
Hardware: Way more than I should need

I would suggest you look at the perfomance numbers for BDB at: http://www.openldap.org/conf/odd-sfo-2003/jong.html

You were probably running LDBM before with 2.0.x. You may want to try LDBM again if you don't need the transactional integrity of BDB...

We use BDB with a particularly large DB (close to 300,000 people with 20+ attributes each), and have no performance problems to speak of. Our systems are heavily utilized 24/7. There are some basic configuration pieces to BDB that can help improve performance. I would be curious to know if your slowdowns happen to coincide with write activity. Also, have you looked at your BDB stats? Perhaps you have not allocated a large enough cache.

OS: Solaris 8
LDAP: 2.1.17
DB: Berkeley DB 4.1.12
Hardware: SunFire v120 650MHz with 4GB RAM


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