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Re: Tree layout / functionality confusion

søn, 13.04.2003 kl. 07.25 skrev Neil Streeter:

> I need a little help and some ideas on tree layout.. I seem to have run
> across a mental block that I haven't been able to work through on my
> own... I have a feeling that I'm simply not comprehending a vital aspect
> of the functionality that LDAP provides... I'm new to LDAP, and have
> been doing A LOT of reading.. Unfortunately, not much is available (that
> I have found) on implementing a directory layout... please excuse my
> long winded  explanation...

Please, please, please: Tell us what LDAP means for you. Whether
Openldap or what, version, OS and OS distro.

Until you do, I for one blink and hop over your plea.




Tony Earnshaw

I love RH Linux. But RH rpms, source and
otherwise, fsck up my RH Linux system.

I hate RH rpms. In fact, I hate and detest
all rpms from everyone, everwhere.

I love compiled source code. Compiling and
installing source code always works.

Anybody invented the wheel, lately?

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