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Re: paging and openldap queries

I think this is answered in the FAQ and by the roadmap.

At 02:32 PM 4/11/2003, Dave Snoopy wrote:
>I posted this last week, but didn't get any responses.
>Is someone out there knowledgeable about openldap and
>paging? Thanks! --Dave
>Hi All,
>A while ago I combined OpenLDAP's ldapsearch tool with
>some code some code from Samba 3.0 to create a LDAP
>client capable of performing paging with an LDAP
>server. I've been using this tool against my Windows
>Domain Controller's ADS without any problems for some
>time. The tool talks to the server with LDAP version
>Recently I tried this same tool against both an
>OpenLDAP 2.0 server, and an iPlanet server 5.1. If I
>remove the code that inserts the LDAP Control for
>paging, then everything works fine. But with that
>control in place (RFC 2696), both servers respond with
>the same error (seen on an Ethereal trace):
>"Unavailable Critical Extension (0x0c)".
>My guess is that this means the server does not
>support this control (i.e. paging). Is this correct?
>Is OpenLDAP 2.0 supposed to support paging with
>version 3 clients? Does anyone know about iPlanet by
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