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RE: High Availability / Clustering

> 2) Plain old Master + Multiple Slaves: Same second issue 
> above, plus no high availability on writes.

I would recommend this approach with the addition of a load balancer 
to balance all the slave ldap servers. I have setup this up at 
my current company and it is working great for user authentication. 
I have 4 ldap servers being balanced this way.  I am using LVS 
(linux virtual server) for the load balancers. While yes this 
design does have problems with writes.. so what? Do I really 
need to change passwords or add user accounts 24/7 365? I can 
afford some write down time in my environment. It's the reads
that are critical:) 

Michael J. Cunningham (CISSP, SCNA, SCSA, CCSA)