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Re: ldap-mail-routing

Do you really want to do full-on ldap mail routing in sendmail? Unless you have a couple of servers it's really not needed. Sendmail will deliver mail to ldap users by default if nss_ldap has been setup to allow the system to resolve users against the directory.

I only have a single server so I just put in a ldap map in sendmail to resolve virtusertable against the directory therefore resolving every email address to a literal user. In order to prevent sendmail from delivering mail to users that do not have a mail address explicitly defined in the directory, I had to write a rule that looks up every incoming email address and returns "unknown user" if the email address isn't found in the directory.

This caused my mail system to work exactly like post.office or netscape messaging where every email address is logically bound to a user or denied. This also eliminates user conflicts. As long as the username is unique and the email address is unique your good to go.

Hope that helps,


gshumway@cityextreme.com wrote:

I'm looking at using the lachman-laser-ldap-mail-routing
schema in the misc.schema file in the openldap-2.1.17
distribution with sendmail.

Has anyone done much with this ? The file does metion that it
is not recommeneded for production use. So does this mean
that the sendmail ldap mail routing stuff should not really be
used in a production environment ?