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Re: ldap-mail-routing

Cross posted, Openldap and Exim lists

tor, 10.04.2003 kl. 16.47 skrev Chris Shenton:

> Take a look at the new O'Reilly book, _LDAP System Administration_.
> There's an entire chapter on integrating LDAP with MTAs including
> sendmail, postfix, and exim.  Last I looked, O'Reilly had that chapter
> online as a PDF.  It centers on OpenLDAP, BTW.

Good call, Blue. The relevant stuff is downloadable as you say (and as
far as Exim is concerned, as up-to-date as possible) - both in the form
of a pdf and tar.gz code examples:


Bits are horribly wrong, as one would expect from O'Reilly, but
nevertheless it's a really good basis to start from.

The best thing is, that though it's Sendmail-centric, it explains the
LDAP thinking. The Exim coding is in my own style, so I'm doubly happy

Are you an O'Reilly shareholder, by the way?




Tony Earnshaw

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