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Re: slapd memory and performance problems

On Wed, Apr 02, 2003 at 08:25:28AM -0800, Mike Denka wrote:

> You say you created an eq index for the maildrop attribute that I assume
> belongs to your main entry which is accessed by the uid filter.  I was
> wondering about creating an eq index on my mailquota attribute, but it
> seemed unnecessary since the attribute is part of an entry already

You can work out what indices are needed by looking at the log files.
Look for SRCH lines, and make sure you have at least an 'eq' index for
every attribute that is used in the most common searches. This is an
example from an Exim-based mail system that I run:

Apr  2 19:13:44 cat slapd[44572]: conn=763352 op=1 SRCH base="dc=example,dc=org" scope=2 filter="(&(|(objectClass=person)(objectClass=organizationalRole))(uid=rv273))" 

The example suggests that indexing uid and objectclass for 'eq'
matches would be useful.

You probably need a log level of about 768 for this.

My system runs with:

index   default         pres,eq,sub
index   objectClass     pres,eq
index   cn
index   sn
index   uid
index   mail
index   associatedDomain
index   vdmMailLHS      pres,eq

Once you have gained this info from the logs, reduce the log level
(possibly to zero) if performance is critical. Syslog can be a major

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