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problem with aliases


openldap 2.1.16, bdb 4.1 (both compiled), redhat 7.2

My problem is that I can't add alias. My ldif looks like:

dn: uid=virt-112, ou=People, dc=nowy, dc=pl
objectclass: alias
aliasedObjectName: uid=virt-112,ou=virtuals,dc=nowy,dc=pl

and ldapadd says:
ldap_add: No such attribute (16)
        additional info: naming attribute 'uid' is not present in entry

if I add to ldif file
        uid: virt-112

ldapadd says:
ldap_add: Object class violation (65)
        additional info: attribute 'uid' not allowed

This problem appears also with bdb4, ldbm (gdbm 1.0.8) but it works on my
another host with openldap 2.0.11-13, and ldbm (gdbm 1.8.0-10) (both from
redhat packages).

Help me

Marek Turczyniak
Sorry for my english