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RE: 2.1 upgrade issue

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> (Replying to my own post here...)
> I've pulled a bit more info from slapd.  It seems the "No such object"
> errors  with the search base of the root appear to be a typical
> "insufficient access":

No. What on earth makes you think that "No such object" means "Insufficient
Access" ?

> conn=14 op=0 BIND dn="" method=128
> conn=14 op=0 RESULT tag=97 err=0 text=
> conn=14 op=1 SRCH base="dc=ivy,dc=tec,dc=in,dc=us" scope=2
> filter="(objectClass=*)"
> conn=14 op=1 RESULT tag=101 err=32 text=
> conn=14 op=2 UNBIND
> Change the search base to one level below the root, say,
> ou=people,dc=ivy,dc=tec,dc=in,dc=us, and everything works as
> expected.  So
> why not at the root?

Probably because what you call your root object doesn't exist. Have you
checked your original LDIF to see that it was actually there?

> Further troubles: Passwords encrypted with the typical
> {CRYPT} hashes seem
> to no longer work: I can't bind against them anymore:

Did you configure with --enable-crypt? Are you building with OpenSSL? If so,
have you patched your OpenSSL library so that it doesn't interfere with
normal crypt() behavior? < http://www.openldap.org/faq/data/cache/185.html
Note about OpenSSL and crypt() >

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