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RE: Slapd.lpg

 I did not take into consideration that I am using a Solaris 8 machine.
What you wrote seems to apply to Linux as it did not work for me.  You know
how to fix the slapd.log for solaris 8.

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lør, 2003-03-29 kl. 13:17 skrev Iquo.O.Abia@spdc.shell.com:

> Your second is, if you're using
> Red Hat 8, use GQ as a GUI tool, because that (and a tail -f on
> slapd.log) will show clearly what's going on.
> 	Please I have not been able to locate the slapd.log file is there
> something one has to configure to get this logs.

O.k. in /etc/syslog.conf, make sure you have:

# slapd support
local4.*    /var/log/slapd.log

at the end of it.

If you have to edit that in yourself, do 'kill -HUP `cat
/var/run/syslogd.pid`' afterwards, after saving syslog.conf. Then
slapd.log should be in /var/log, on Linux.

As the facility local4 should not yet be defined for your system, this
should work for you.




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