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Re: Problem with netscape

fre, 2003-03-28 kl. 15:16 skrev Michele Cerioni:

> I configurated openldap as address book of my net.
> slapd.conf
> With Outlook I can search in LDAP server, instead with netscape I get 
> the message
> LDAP initialization problem
> Error code 2: Protocol error
> The configurations of Outlook and Netscape are the same!

> Where Do I wrong?

Ermm ... apart from doing what Kurt says and single-handidly persuading
Netscape (v 4.7 and v7), Mozilla (1.3 and earlier) and the rest of the
aberrationalists to change their code radically, you could put 'allow
bind_v2' into the main body of slapd.conf. That is, if you want to make
use of the above clients at all.

Agreed that if you look at the advantages of LDAPv3 over LDAPv2, you
wouldn't want to do that; however, needs dictate.




Tony Earnshaw

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