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Re: Problems with multiple DNS names in cert. [SOLVED]

fre, 2003-03-28 kl. 15:11 skrev Mathias Meisfjordskar:

> With help from Howard Chu, I figured out the problem. Everything was
> as it should be, so the only thing I hadn't tried was a differend
> version of openssl(I was using 0.9.8-dev).
> Now I have compiled my own version(0.9.7a with patches) and everything
> looks to be in order.

Always take note of what both Howard and all Norwegians on the list say
(don't know what it is about Norwegians and LDAP.)

What on earth should it be about Openssl 0.9.8 or unpatched 0.9.7a that
alters CA certificate handling?

Will future versions of Openldap cope with Openssl 0.9.8, or unpatched
0.9.7a ...?




Tony Earnshaw

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