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HELP: about JNDI API, problems of referral searching


please give me a suggestion of my problem:

I built two OPENLDAP LDBMs . one is a subtree of another. for example:
primary: dn: o=JNDITutorial
second:  dn: o=subtree,o=JNDITutorial
I built a node referral "o=subtree,o=JNDITutorial" in the primary database,
and I use a JDNI client connected to primary to access sub-elements of the
second database
but, application always throws a exception
"javax.naming.NameNotFoundException: [LDAP: error code 32 - No Such Object];
remaining name 'ou=NewHires,o=subtree,o=JNDITutorial'". if the search Name
is "o=subtree,o=JNDITutorial", then all of it's sub-dn values is OK. please
tell me why JNDI application cannt find the sub-items of the referral? the
ou=NewHires DN does really exist. and both the suffixs are the same .How
shall I do ?

thank you very much

Alexandre Tsu