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RE: openldap core dumping under load

I believe part of the response problem may be due to how sendmail interacts
with LDAP, and part due to how slapd processes its input. Sendmail tends to
spew a ton of queries out in rapid succession, and slapd tends to try to read
all of its input before it processes any of it. There are two macros in
slapd/connection.c that affect slapd's behavior: CONNECTION_INPUT_LOOP and
DATA_READY_LOOP. If you comment out both of them, then slapd will read only
one message at a time. Try that, it may even out the response time.

Of course, pummeling a 350MHz PII with a 2.4GHz P4 may be part of your
problem too...

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> -----Original Message-----
> From: Gordon Shumway [mailto:gshumway@cityextreme.com]

> Thanks Howard.
> That certainly stopped the core dump.
> The only issue now seems to be CPU. During these times of
> unusually high
> load, slapd seems to use enough of the CPU to cause responses
> to be slow.
> Slow enough for IMAP ldap auths to timeout. Everything comes
> good once the
> mail flow slows.
> Maybe I just need a faster box.