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Re: Openldap reliability

Have you indexed the directory? Whatever attibutes your mail server is using to search should be indexed. Before I added indexes for our system it was putting a huge load on the ldap server (and sometimes timing out). After adding indexes, it has run flawlessly for 8 months now. We are running on debian-woody (openldap-2.0.23) and we're using postfix/courier, not exim. (about 1100 entries in the directory)

	good luck,

Graham Leggett wrote:
Hi all,

Running openldap v2.0.27 under Redhat v7.3, we have encountered tremendous reliability problems.

Openldap doesn't die, it just stops accepting new connections - LDAP clients complain "LDAP server timed out". The LDAP server and client are on the same machine, so network is not a problem.

Is openldap v2.0 worth using in a production environment? Is v2.1.12 any better?