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Re: Openldap reliability

>>Running openldap v2.0.27 under Redhat v7.3, we have encountered
>>tremendous reliability problems.
>>Openldap doesn't die, it just stops accepting new connections - LDAP
>>clients complain "LDAP server timed out". The LDAP server and client are
>>on the same machine, so network is not a problem.
>>Is openldap v2.0 worth using in a production environment? Is v2.1.12 any

Absolutely, yes.  We run OpenLDAP 2.0.x on RedHat, the default
packages.  Rock solid, good performer, our entire network, >200 clients,
one master, 3 slaves.  Never had a glitch.

Set something like "threads 9" in slapd.conf and see if that helps any.

>but 2.1.16 is. That is why it is labeled the "stable" release.  It does 

We are testing 2.1.x.  It is very promising but there still seem to be a
fair number of issues cropping up, so we are sitting still on 2.0.x.

>need a small fix to slurpd (a one character change to properly terminate a 
>comment) for slurpd to work correctly however.  Why would you be looking at 
>2.1.12?  It was just announced to the list recently that all versions from 
>2.1.5 to 2.1.15 have a serious DB corruption problem.

And 2.1.16 was released ~12 days ago?  I'm not dissin' any release of
OpenLDAP in any way, but I can't even imagine being able to complete a
pre-production testing cycle in 12 days.