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slapd asserting and aborting


We are running the 2.1.16 openldap on Solaris 8. We are using the back-ldap feature on this to
get info from a netscape ldap server.

The slapd.conf contains

uri "ldap://ldap.smi.sendmail.com:489";

(The netscape ldap server is running on port 489).

And we get an assertion failure, when we run it in foreground with debug level of 256

Assertion failed: 0, file io.c, line 681

The program that is run, does a ldapsearch for 1000 entries and then quits. The abort doesnt
happen always, but once in 3-4 times the program to do the ldapsearch is invoked.

Thanks for all the help in advance,

Ashish Gawarikar