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RE: Forwarding requests?

OpenLDAP's back-ldap can do exactly this.

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> Hi,
> I am not too sure what I actually want to do, but hopefully I can
> explain :)
> At the moment, our LDAP directory is set up so that about 4000 desktop
> machines do a search on the address book using the search base of
> o=oldhammbc,c=uk.  We are planning to perform a major overhall of the
> LDAP direcotory, and I would like to change the base to
> dc=oldham,dc=gov,dc=uk.
> I can't do this if it involves going to all 4000 PC's and 
> changing their
> address book settings, but I was wondering if there was anyway that
> OpenLDAP can "forward" requests from one search base to 
> another? I would
> like to be able to put some setting in so that the old base is
> automatically translated into the new base - is this possible??
> Thanks for any help in advance!
> Andrew McCall