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Re: ldapmodule for perl

V Alex Brennen:
> On Thu, 20 Mar 2003, Robert Canary wrote:
> > I have been browsing over allot ldap modules for perl, which ldap
> > modules dose everyone suggest?
> directory contents, I could help you out with that.

I'd take a tar-file with examples thank you very much :-)

That said, I can recommend using python and python-ldap for testing the
concept of your program, and then reimplement it in C or whatever if
that fits you better.

> If you really are dead set on perl though, NET::LDAP will 
> get the job done.  Its homepage is:
> http://perl-ldap.sourceforge.net/

perl -MCPAN -e shell  (on the command-line in any *nix with perl)
and then run 'install Net::LDAP'  


Bjørn Ove Grøtan

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