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Re: ldapmodule for perl

On Thu, 20 Mar 2003, Robert Canary wrote:

> I have been browsing over allot ldap modules for perl, which ldap
> modules dose everyone suggest?

I've used NET::LDAP in the past, and it worked OK.
Eventually, I wound up porting most of my code to C in
order to make it easier for me to develop, maintain,
and for me to install on a number of different systems
and platforms that I was working with.

That said, I would suggest you just write your code in C.  The
C LDAP API is really very easy to use.  If you would like
some source code examples of C programs to search and modify
directory contents, I could help you out with that.

I've written several C programs which are CGI and command line
based for Linux and AIX that work with directory entries in 
openLDAP and principals on MIT Kerberos KDC's.

If you really are dead set on perl though, NET::LDAP will 
get the job done.  Its homepage is:


	- VAB