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Re: mhs* Attributes

ons, 2003-03-19 kl. 14:34 skrev Sergio Pires Albuquerque:

> Im in trouble with mhs (X.400) attributes and OpenLDAP 2.x.

Which includes every version that Openldap.org ever turned out.

>  I need to
> build a DB with mhsUser Objectclasses and specifically mhsORAddresses
> attribute. When i try to build the DB it replies:
>   undefined attribute type. I check at cosine schema but it confused me
> because most of all is commented.
> Should I uncomment all of statements

Those that are commented out are built into the server. Do *not*
uncomment them!

>  and if works, is it right? Or one
> of you could point me how to create a simple class/attribute

Maybe others on the list can answer your specific question. Designing
schema/attributes is covered in a number of rfcs, amongst which 2251,
2649 and 3383 included with the current Openldap release tarballs.
Otherwise see, http://www.alvestrand.no/objectid/top.html




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