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Re: Configuring access control

ons, 2003-03-19 kl. 16:10 skrev Florida Estrella Cainglet:

> OpenLDAP Manual
> Chapter 5 The slapd Configuration File
> Section 5.3 Access Control
> "Access to slapd entries... by access configuration file directive..."
> Implying that access control is solely file-based, ie code-based
> config/reconfig of acls not possible.
> Is my understanding correct?

Depends on your version.

A codeable form is available in 2.1.x, though few use it. In para. 5.3
of the Admin guide you'll find a very cryptic single line; in 'man
slapd.access' details and in Adam Williams'
ftp://ftp.kalamazoolinux.org/pub/pdf/ldapv3.pdf a comprehensive
explanation with, as adjoinder, words to the effect of: "not advisable".

The main reason is, that once implemented, ACLs rarely need to be




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