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YES! Thanks! (was: Re: slapd-bdb cachesize)

There appears to be a memory leak in slapd related to modifying entries,
adding new values to attributes. I've fixed it in CVS HEAD. The fix for
2.1.15 is a bit different, will appear later.

Dear List, Howard,

Yes! I can confirm that the memory leak is fixed now. I upgraded to 2.1.16 yesterday and the slapd's now stay at 4 MB all the time. Before with 2.1.12 it would now already have about 30 MB or so, constantly growing.

Thanks a lot for your help! Now we can really start using it for our addressbook.


also your idea was great! Before deleting the 2.1.12 I kept the tcl-extension (statically linked) and use it now for the maintenance script for the 2.1.16 server. Also works great!

Have a nice day