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Ldap, Outlook and groups


I already asked this question once, but got no answer :-(
And I also haven't found real infos in the archives and the net in my second atempt of searching...

I want to set up an ldap-server to serve Outlook-clients with addresses and contacts (ca. 500 entries).
That far there is no problem, but the Outlook users shall be able to group them (in that way, that one person can be in more then one grup) and to send an email to the whole group. The latter one is the important thing, it's intendet for greeting cards (christmas, advertising, invitations...)

The problem here his, that Outlook doesn't support a key-pair for groups (at least following the FAQs in the internet)

I thought about importing the whole directory while starting in the contact-folder, but this can't be a real solution for a general problem like this. (I'm sure there are more people than me dealing with such a in idea)

I searched all over the net for some days now, but there is no real info for this, the only small solution I've found was a list-manager called sympa, but it only seems to work on linux and the server will be a windows-nt 4 mashine...

So if you could point me to some information, or give some hints, I would be really, really happy! (it would even be enough to tell me it's not possible-I have to set up a linux server or buy this or that product...)

Thanks in advance.

cu /Steffen

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