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Load balancing with OpenLDAP

Hi all,

I'm currently playing with Load Balancing (software) solution. I'll
really happy if I can proceed some test with OpenLDAP. 

But I have problem with writing operation :

how to have two ldap server identicals ? 

I know there is the replication way, but I tried to make A master of
B, and B master of A, but writing operations are not replicate on the
other. (I have the enable-multimaster option enabled)

I use the follow configuration :


replica host=node2.debian-fr.org:389 bindmethod=simple
        binddn=cn=admin,dc=debian-fr,dc=org credentials=<password>

updatedn "cn=admin,dc=debian-fr,dc=org"
updateref ldap://node2.debian-fr.org


(I know use manager for replication is not very proper, but it's for
test purpose only..)

and the same with s/node2/node1/g on the other box.

I guess it's not the good configuration since it doesn't work.

So, my question is :

what is the better way to have at least two (o)ldap server identical,
even if writing operation are made on node1 or node2.

I think i'll try to share backends file for ldap server. But this
method implies there is failover on the file server, which is more
difficult :p

Thank you very much.

Bruno Bonfils
http://www.debian-fr.org/                         http://www.asyd.net/