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Re: Newbie: Accessing X.500 Directories

At 07:11 PM 3/12/2003, Chetan Janbandhu wrote:
>Can I access X.500 Directory Servers using OpenLDAP API's?.....

Well, in that OpenLDAP APIs provide a means for using
LDAP to access directory servers conforming to the
X.500 data and service models, yes.  slapd(8) is such
a directory server...  it just doesn't implement DAP
(the X.500 Directory Access Protocol).  There are, of
course, X.500 director servers which only implement DAP.
For those servers, you need to use DAP or some sort of
LDAP/DAP gateway.

> but I want to do it from Windows.......

Yes.  But, of course, many versions of Windows come with
their own LDAP APIs.  If you want to use OpenLDAP APIs
instead, see the FAQ.