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Re: Schema design question

tir, 2003-03-11 kl. 15:48 skrev Sundaram Ramasamy:

> I am trying to setup the LDAP Server for my company. I would like to have
> following feature:

I already do a number of things that you want using standard OL schemas,
as included with the OL 2.1.15 install tarball. The only extra schema I
have is for Ximian's Evolution, which needed some hacking.

>   1.. Unix Authentication (NIS PAM)

Check, though you can forget NIS (thank heaven :) Perhaps you meant NSS.

>   2.. Windows Domain Authentication (Samba)

No, though many do - Samba has its own schema, IIRC

>   3.. E-Mail (SMTP/POP)

Check, my smtp server uses Openldap for "everything", POP/IMAP for me is
uw-imap 2003 DEV based and uses PAM

>   4.. Address book

Check, Ximian Evolution, Mozilla, Horde Turba and roll-your-own PHP4.
They all use the same OL directory, same address book

>   5.. Web site Authentication

Check, I use PHP4 but Apache's mod_authz should work too, depending on
what you want

>   6.. CVS Authentication

No idea. Horde's CVS server stuff, Chora, should be able to use it?

On the whole, you should find that the schemas included with Openldap do
more or less anything you want. If you want deep-down things like
Novell's eDirectory caters for, or the dreaded MS Exchange, you'll have
to search further afield.

There are *many* more services you could base on ldap, too, than those
you mention, and which I make use of.




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